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What is Energy Healing?

Are You Tired of being tired, feeling drained, suffering from pain, stressed and/or overwhelmed by life?

Looking for natural way to:

  • Boost Immune System, Heal Emotional Scars
  • Increase Vitality, Treat Pain, Stress, Anxiety
  • Depression, Headaches, High Blood Pressure
  • Grief/Loss, Chronic Conditions, Viruses
  • Tumors, Cancer …
  • See full list of benefits in FAQ Tab

…. Then Natural and Holistic Energy Healing is for You!

Equip Yourself With the Tools for Spiritual Health!

Energy Healing Video … Great General Clearing !!!

Radio Interview – Holistic Energy Healing by All4Holistic

Energy Healing Video … Great General Clearing !!!

Radio Interview – Holistic Energy Healing by All4Holistic


Here is what some of my clients are saying:

“I would highly recommend Anna’s Energy Healing. I live in Poland and her Distance healing sessions helped me with headaches, anxiety, and digestive issues I suffered from due to high stress. I feel healthier and happier then ever! Thanks a million Anna!:)”

Agnieszka Roman
Attorney at Law

“Anna’s work as an Energy Specialist and Prana Healer is one of the best professionals, I have known. She works in depth with a Wealth of knowledge and passion for Energy Healing. I highly recommend her for a lifetime of change in all areas of your life. As for me, she brought consciousness and release blockage that limited me to reach my full potential. Many blessings to a beautiful being like Anna.”

Forever grateful,
Gabriela Ardila

…. Read more testimonials here.

Universal Life Energy

Everything that exists is permeated by a Universal energy that connects and nourishes all of life. This energy has been called by many different names, such as chi and prana. This is the energy that integrally supports the life process in all its aspects, the material operations of the physical self, the functions and emotions of the mind, and our spiritual selves.

The energy in this field is not lifeless or inert, rather it is active and intelligent. It can be considered a manifestation of the Universal consciousness that is the source of each of us and the entire universe. This is the energy that connects us to each other, the realm of pure consciousness, the spiritual source of life made manifest in the physical realm. One way to view this energy is to see it as a bridge between the realm of pure spirit and the manifested material world.

Disclaimer and Terms of Service

The treatment provided by a practitioner of Holistic Energy Healing is of a therapeutic nature only. It is not of a diagnostic or curative approach. The practitioner is not a medically licensed physician and therefore any suggestions and recommendations made by the practitioner are not a substitute for prompt medical attention. Clients should continue to see their healthcare provider and should not stop prescribed medications.

The practitioner provides no guarantee of the results of a treatment. The practitioner is not responsible for the misuse of suggestions and comments for the relief or lack of relief of symptoms. The practitioner accepts no responsibility for the client once they leave the treatment rooms.

All information provided by the client will be strictly confidential.

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