Our Healing Modalities


Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a very practical process to help people grow, improve as a person and transform their way of perceiving. NLP ( Neuro-linguistic Programming) aims to reprogram the mind and encourage new ways of thinking.
It is used to teach us how changing the way we perceive the world can lead us to adjust and adapt our behaviors in order to live the life we dream of.
As a Certified NLP coach, I work to encourage my clients to break barriers, their old conditioning and to take chances in order to develop a fuller, happier and infinitely more satisfying life.

Remote/Distance Healing
Remote Energy Sessions are conducted at a distance without you being present physically. Distant Healing is based on Quantum Physics discoveries that energy is not restricted to any time and location.The same techniques healers use in-person can also be carried out through Remote Healing. During the session, your energy will be connected with, scanned, and worked on at various levels. This process involves clearing congestion of negative energies, restoring balance and health to your body and mind.
Healing for your pet
Our beloved pets have energy body just like we do. The symptoms and ailments your pet is experiencing just represent underlying energetic imbalance. Energy Healing works so well because it goes to the source of the of the imbalance, removes blocks, and corrects it on an energetic level. As a result, the symptoms naturally resolve themselves.

About Me


I am certified in various energy-based therapies to sense, clear and transmute these energies to ease and treat any dis-ease of body and mind.
My treatments are tailored to individual needs of my clients and usually consist of combination of healing modalities listed above. Each session is unique as every one of us is, and takes its unique course with everyone I work.
In the process of living we accumulate tensions and patterns in the field as well as imprints of emotional and physical experiences. I use my abilities to help you release those defects and stagnation in your electromagnetic system of the physical, as well as etheric/energy bodies.
I believe that spiritual growth and development is our shared purpose in life. I am here to fulfill my purpose by bringing positive change in your life and helping you become the best version of yourself. Let me guide and support you on your healing journey.