As an alternative medicine practitioner, I’ve experienced just about every modality one could imagine. Nothing compares to Ania’s Pranic healing! She is a gifted healer who is able to energetically move the chi energies to help normalize any imbalances one might have. Pranic healing transcends normal anatomy and physiology and permeates the human psyche. I went to Ania for numerous sessions after my Mom passed away. She was able to help ease the sorrow, grief and depression that came along with that devastating loss. For those who are open minded to a form of healing which uses little to no touch, causes no discomfort, that gets to the heart of one’s innermost needs, then you owe it to yourself to give Pranic healing a try. You won’t be disappointed. THANKS ANIA FOR ALL THAT YOU DO !!

Paul Rohacek

N.D., United States

Anna’s healing has been a big help with my journey to being Ghana’s First Olympic Gymnast. My training has improved significantly and my mind has never been this clear and pure with Anna’s help. My Body and mind has to be working at an efficient level to progress. With Anna’s healing and massages the combination of the two is outstanding. I will always continue to come back. If you need healing for your mind or healing for your body. Anna should be your go to! 🙂

Eric Owusu

United States

I have been working with Ana for quite some time. She has gotten me through some very difficult times in my life and I am so grateful for her and her healing. I have never felt so good!

Dr. Amy J Cortis


Thank you Anna for such a life-changing experience. The results of your Energy Healing were amazing not only for my personal; but also for my professional life . If you’re looking for a change in your life I highly recommend Anna. Not only as a healer but as a spiritual adviser. Thank you once again for bringing me back to life!

Carlos Pena

I’m Yenia, the founder and president of Chicago Latino TV program. The Subject of today video its not to talk about what I do, but about the positive impact that Anna’s healing had for me. How she has affected the creation of what was most important and valuable in my life….it was my pregnancy ….. I was able to visualize the baby through Anna’s healing. I was trying for more than nine months to get pregnant. Through her sessions and therapies, coming with an open heart, just like I did, you will be able to obtain your objective and experience the change that you want in your life. I strongly recommend Energy sessions with Anna….. I’m Yenia Herrera I sent you a kiss and a hug from the bottom on my heart.

Yenia Herrera

Chicago, USA

Anna’s work as an Energy Specialist and Prana Healer is one of the best professionals, I have known. She works in depth with a Wealth of knowledge and passion for Energy Healing. I highly recommend her for a lifetime of change in all areas of your life. As for me, she brought consciousness and release blockage that limited me to reach my full potential. Many blessings to a beautiful being like Anna.

Gabriela Ardila

I would highly recommend Anna’s Energy Healing. I live in Poland and her Distance healing sessions helped me with headaches, anxiety, and digestive issues I suffered from due to high stress. I feel healthier and happier then ever! Thanks a million Anna!:)

Agnieszka Roman

Attorney at Law, Poland

About Me


I am certified in various energy-based therapies to sense, clear and transmute these energies to ease and treat any dis-ease of body and mind.
My treatments are tailored to individual needs of my clients and usually consist of combination of healing modalities listed above. Each session is unique as every one of us is, and takes its unique course with everyone I work.
In the process of living we accumulate tensions and patterns in the field as well as imprints of emotional and physical experiences. I use my abilities to help you release those defects and stagnation in your electromagnetic system of the physical, as well as etheric/energy bodies.
I believe that spiritual growth and development is our shared purpose in life. I am here to fulfill my purpose by bringing positive change in your life and helping you become the best version of yourself. Let me guide and support you on your healing journey.